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8 months!

Dillon is now 8 months and he is doing so much, he turned on the 30th of june. He has been crawling and pulling himself up to things. He loves people food, and ice cream seems to be one of his favorites. We have put some blockades up and he has been able to get through them, either by climbing over and under the blockades. Nothing can keep this child in and away from the cords and cat food. We have also put him in his high chair and given him cheerios, he hasn't completly figured out how to use his pinchers, but he will get there. He is a very active child it is quite fun to watch him. He loves playing with his links and he likes to carry them in his mouth, it is quite funny to watch.

In other baby realated news. Any of you remember your babyshower and the kind of games you played there? I have a friend who is due this september and and another friend and I are throwing a shower for her and we are trying to think of different games to play, she has asked for no eating of baby food or even sucking on bottles, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

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Mommy's day

Okay, now that I'm past the yard sale I'd like to get a Mommy day going.

When's good for you guys?

Mommy day MK party

Okay, it's set for the 17th at 7:30 pm...I'll have an address for you guys later.

We're good?

4 months

Last Wednesday was Dillon’s 4 month appt. It actually turned out so well. I do have to say it is quite funny that his weight and length are in the 10-25% tile and a head in the 55% tile. How funny is that. I shouldn’t be too surprised about that seeing that I was a little one and still am and Mikel granted was a bigger baby and I think that he was still a little similar. I mean look at him now is skinner than even most guys anyway. Who knows anyway. Everything is looking great. We have been given the ok to start giving him solids. This will be intresting. I was quite excited to hear about that, I think more for giving solids than what will come out the other end. Anyway haven’t tried them yet but will. Mikel is quite excited to try them and see how he takes them.

Friday I believe is when it started, anyway Dillon was just having a rough time. And on Saturday it got worse. He was cranky and wouldn’t eat or sleep and would just cry an anything that I would try to do wouldn’t work. I called Mikel after I was so frustrated with what to do, he suggested that I drive around and that should at least put him to sleep. Well thankfully that worked, but he wasn’t out for too long because by the time I got home he was awake and I took him out of his seat and he didn’t like that, so I went back into the car and drove some more. This time I decided to drive to Mikel’s work to surprise him. It worked and Dillon was still cranky. Then we went to his family’s house to see if his mom had a way to help Dillon feel better. We were there for a half hour and she wasn’t there, she was out running errands and we didn’t want to wait for too long, so we went home. Then we needed some things at the store, so we made that stop quick so that we could try to help Dillon out as much as we could.

That night we tried everything again, we wrapped him, tried feeding him tried walking around etc. and nothing was working. We would have him out for small amounts of times until he would get up again. The only position that actually allowed him to sleep for a longer period of time was on his tummy on the couch. So we allowed him to sleep like that because it would help him. We hardly got any sleep that night at all. On Sunday we were debating wether to send just Mikel to church and teach our class and I stay at home with Dillon. At 8 am we were finally able to get a hold of the doctor to see if they knew anything. We made an appt and just as we did he stopped crying and started eating. We went to the doctor anyway just to see and make sure that it hopfully, wouldn’t come back. The doc couldn’t fugure it out and Dillon was trying to sleep as much as he could. Thankfully he slept all the way home and we let him. We left him in his chair and put him in our bedroom. Then he got up right before we needed to get him showered. Then we decided we would both go to church and I taught this week so that made things a little easier. Mikel kept Dillon and tried to keep him calm. After he finished his bottle he wouldn’t sleep or anything. We think that he had a bit of over stimuli and that didn’t help in him sleeping. After church was over he didn’t want to be in his seat and all as usual, and as we were on the way to the car he fell asleep. Ah it was so good to see that he was sleeping again. The rest of the day consisted of him eating and sleeping and we were even able to take a nap as well. It felt nice. Last night he slept better and we did too! Now he is back, our happy loving little baby boy!! We think he might have been a bit constipated, because after he gassed at the doctors he did better than he had quite a poop that was stinky and harder than normal. We are just glad that our little boy is doing better. Our hearts ached for him to feel better and there was only so much that we could do.

Dillon update

Here is an update on how Dillon is doing.

So the past few weeks Dilllon has been a little more cranky than usual and drooling like crazy. We couldn't figure it out. I thought that he may bee teething, but I threw that out pretty quick. I wasn't ready for it to be teething at all. I mean really he is only 3/12 months!! I was looking at babycenter.com and looked it up and discovered that, that is what it was. Mikel also talked to his mom and also mentioned the same thing. So we got some teething tablets and those helped so we knew that was what it was. Right now he is so determined to sit up that he has also face planted several times on the couch. It cracks me up. He wants to so bad and it is crazy. I have to say it will help when he can actually do that himself. He has really been a handful lately


For those of you who have kids old enough to experience I want to know how they reacted to getting shots.

Dillon took them pretty well didn't much care for being pricked, but after that they finished he was fine and crashed for several hours. It was really nice. He also didn't take tylenol drops and crash like most kids he seemed to be back to himself when we gave it to him.


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