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8 months!

Dillon is now 8 months and he is doing so much, he turned on the 30th of june. He has been crawling and pulling himself up to things. He loves people food, and ice cream seems to be one of his favorites. We have put some blockades up and he has been able to get through them, either by climbing over and under the blockades. Nothing can keep this child in and away from the cords and cat food. We have also put him in his high chair and given him cheerios, he hasn't completly figured out how to use his pinchers, but he will get there. He is a very active child it is quite fun to watch him. He loves playing with his links and he likes to carry them in his mouth, it is quite funny to watch.

In other baby realated news. Any of you remember your babyshower and the kind of games you played there? I have a friend who is due this september and and another friend and I are throwing a shower for her and we are trying to think of different games to play, she has asked for no eating of baby food or even sucking on bottles, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

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