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Dillon update

Here is an update on how Dillon is doing.

So the past few weeks Dilllon has been a little more cranky than usual and drooling like crazy. We couldn't figure it out. I thought that he may bee teething, but I threw that out pretty quick. I wasn't ready for it to be teething at all. I mean really he is only 3/12 months!! I was looking at and looked it up and discovered that, that is what it was. Mikel also talked to his mom and also mentioned the same thing. So we got some teething tablets and those helped so we knew that was what it was. Right now he is so determined to sit up that he has also face planted several times on the couch. It cracks me up. He wants to so bad and it is crazy. I have to say it will help when he can actually do that himself. He has really been a handful lately
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